L & B Enterprises

Basic Package

10 MB of Storage
500 MB Transfer Rate
5 Email Address
1 Hour Web Design


Intermediate Package

75 MB of Storage
1 Gig Transfer Rate
10 Email Address
2 Hours Web Design
Database Connection


Professional Package

150 MB of Storage
2 Gig Transfer Rate
20 Email Address
4 Hours Web Design
Database Connection


All of the packages above include:

  1. Free Setup and Configuration.
  2. Free DNS lookup records on our Primary & Secondary Name Servers.
  3. Free Third Level Domain Name eg: yourname.landb.ca (if required)

If one of the packages listed above does not suit your needs
please contact us with with your requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

  Other Web Services:
DNS (Domain Name Service) We have two of our own DNS Servers: See our Web Admin Page
Web Site Administration: See our Web Admin Page
Web Site Design & Consulting : See our Web Design Page
If your need a web related service not listed here Contact Us with your requirements

Site Rules:
We believe in freedom of speech but we do have rules:

  1. No Pornography Of Any Kind.
  2. No Hate Material / Propaganda Of Any Kind.

If any of these materials our found on our servers the account will be suspended & materials will be deleted.
We may find the need to edit this list from time to time & all users will be informed prior to any new rule implementation.