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office meetingThere are are a great many options available when choosing the design of your web presence. General design decisions have to be made as to the look and theme of your site. As you get more specific, such as a page or media content, more specific decisions will have to be made. Then you must decide how to tie it all together. The end result should be great looking pages that have a consistent design throughout and a easy to navigate site. Fail at any one of these 3 main points and you will drive your audience away before they ever look at your message or content.

L and B can help you or your organization right from the start of this process. We will take your logos, existing media (brochures, print ads, etc),even the look of your location and build some designs to tie these in with your web site. If you have a idea we can work with it. If you are a new company or organization we can start designing with you from scratch and even supply you with stationary, brochures and forms base on your web site design. Anyone can throw up a few web pages but developing a successful web presence takes careful planning, good design and skillful implementation.