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Web Administration can encompass many things. Most individuals or organizations put their web site on the internet and don't consider it needs maintenance. This could be installing the latest software security updates, virus scanning, adding users or even as simple as granting and denying access to the files on your site.

Here at L and B we, after designing your site, can deploy and administer it. This service can be as simple as monitoring the site and updating software as the need arise. It can also be as involved as you require. Full statistics pages, managing remote access, writing and maintaining DNS records, file system virus scanning, email real time virus scanning, span filtering, managing groupware calendars, publishing event calendars are just some of the services you may want or need.

If you chose one of our hosting packages many of these services are provided. If you have us configure one of our SOS Servers for you, all of these service can be included. If required we can even remotely administer the SOS Server from our office. For customers who have existing installations of servers we have experience in administering Linux, BSD(various types), other Unix's(SCO, Xenix, etc), Mac, and of course Windows (NT4 thru Current)

Email us at: sales@landb.ca with the requirements you have and we will let you know if we can help