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SOS Server
(Small Business / Small Office / Home Office Server)

Quite simply put a Server is defined as a computer that delivers information, services and software to other computers linked by a network.

This can be a simple computer in the corner that everyone saves their files to or it can be the boss of the entire network.

We at L and B have been deploying SOS Servers tailored for Small Business/Office users based on open source software for years.

Gateway: "A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network." In this case it is the computer you connect to the internet. User computer connect to it and receive a internal network address to use on the "Local Area Network"(LAN). The gateway in doing this configures your LAN so all the computers within it can talk to each other and to the gateway. When a computer needs to access the internet it sends a request to the gateway and the gateway retrieves the information from the internet and returns it to the computer that made the request. This all sounds like it might slow things down but this all takes a matter of milliseconds. Configuring your network in this manner will also mean that with one internet connection you can connect as many computers to the internet as you want. This feature alone can be a major cost saving.

Firewall: "A dedicated gateway machine with special security precautions on it typically used to protect a network when it is connected to an outside network, especially the Internet." In our SOS Server configuration firewall service is included. The firewall we include is fully configurable with port forwarding rules & dmz inclusion.

Server: The SOS Server comes with Apache web server, a ftp server, an email server with webmail access and can operate at the same time as a fully functional network file server.

Our SOS Server does all of the above plus it can host multiple domains on one internet address, do real time email & file system virus scanning, filter spam email for users, run a full calendar service, has built in backup features & comes with a simple web based server administration system. This server can be administered from any desktop computer within the LAN, or access can even be granted to allow it to be administered remotely.

All of the above services on the server can be enabled or disabled at any time. As the need arises and you want to publish a web site; simply enable it via the web-base server administration page on the server and you are up and running (even if you disable the web service to the internet the web-base server administration is available to the LAN).

As stated above we install & configure all of this based on open source software. The OS we use is Linux, the web server is Apache and so on. This means the software is free, we only charge for installation and configuration. After the installation there are no costly monthly/yearly software contracts or update fees. All software updates are freely avaliable on the internet and if you choose we will even notify you when updates are avaliable and where you can download them from. Using these software packages means this machine does not have to be very powerful when installed in a small size environment (less than 10 users). Typically an older Pentium II running at at about 300 mhz will do. No fancy graphics cards or sound cards either, just two good network interface cards and you are ready. After a server is set up and running it doesn't even need a monitor or keyboard, all access can be done through the web-base server administration page.

Installations range in price from 250.00 and up if you supply us with a compatible computer. This also includes a basic "How To" session from us on the use of your server.

Contact sales@landb.ca for more information